atemlos – Einzelaussstellung von The Krank 28. Januar 2018 – Veröffentlicht in: Allgemein

For atemlos, one of his biggest upcoming solo exhibitions, The Krank displays various selected unreleased artworks from the past 2 years. The artist expresses himself through various media and provides the audience with interesting stories about each piece.

« Strong impressions about the reality you experience are hidden somewhere deep within your mind. Moments that take your breath away. Your eyes have witnessed the truth and your emotions are taking over the control of your body. You feel colder the moment you realize that you are helpless in this unfair world. You choose sides subconsciously. You need to feel safe. You need to go where the sun is.»

About The Krank

The Krank (1988) is a Berlin based street artist focusing on typography and abstract expressionism. Originally coming from Greece, The Krank lived most of his adult life in Athens, where he studied graphic design and explored various artistic disciplines. Deeply influenced by Chinese lettering and Abstract Expressionism, The Krank hides stories and messages about his worldview in his work:

“Art is what I see and how I feel. My story is written in a very deep visual language that reflects the impact of contemporary life on human psychology and on society”

Where: VOODOO55 – Müllerstraße 55,, 13349 Berlin // Facebook

When: Saturday, February 17 2018